I don’t know where to begin about Eliana. I’ve only known her for a short period of time and it seems like it’s been forever! She has this beautiful soul that shines so bright you need shades! Her energy is fun and positive and she’s constantly inspiring and pushing you for success!

I do the happy dance anytime I go see her! And yes you can dance and sing and play when she’s coaching you. 

She’s coached me in acting as well as singing and WOW! I can’t help getting choked up when I’m there with her. It’s like a playground, she teaches everything I love. She’s such a loving and to the point coach. I’m Blessed to have her in my life! 

In acting: She guides you into bringing life to every performance with simplicity and ease. You feel you can conquer any role.

In singing: I love how I feel and want to continue moving forward. She has brought back the joy in learning once again and the confidence to open up and sing freely. This makes me and my voice happy! 😃

Thanks to a mutual and equally amazing friend Pablo Soriano. 

Thank you Eliana for sharing your beautiful gifts and making me feel I can do anything!!!

Forever Grateful! Abrazos ❤️

Cecilia Rodriguez

Jim & Pat Lopez

You are an amazing coach and I am blessed to have you in my life. Your constant motivation and encouragement pushed me to heights I never dreamed I'd reach. Thank you for inspiring me to be excellent in all that I do. Thank you for seeing and bringing out the best in me! Pat Lopez 

When I started taking classes with Eliana, I realized how little I knew about acting… even though I had 40 tv and print commercials in 5 years! She took me from a beginner literally !!! to a very confident and experienced actor that is now heading into theatrical auditions… all thanks to Eliana and her great teaching, vision and experience. Jim Lopez

“During my time pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles I attended various acting classes given by talented coaches. However, there was only one acting coach whom I felt radiated genuine love, acceptance, and understanding for her students as well as for the art itself. That coach was Eliana Alexander. When I attended her classes acting no longer felt like a skill that needed to be honed, it became authentic, natural, and enjoyable. There was no pressure to perform. There was no need to “get the part” or read a script in a certain way as to get a call back. It was almost like playing; it was free. Her coaching helped me overcome my fears of imperfection and criticism, and helped me to see that acting is more of a self-expression, and if I stayed true to who I was, and allowed myself to be in the moment, vulnerable, and open, that I could unleash worlds and stories that I had always wanted to but could never quite reach. Acting is so much more than just the industry. It’s a beautiful and empowering form of art and Eliana helped me to see that. She herself is a beautiful person inside and out and taking her classes will enrich your life in so many aspects as it has mine.”

Mariah Hollister

Dear Eliana,

Thank you for taking me in as a young boy and helping me to achieve my goals! Thank you for teaching me how to be more outgoing and personable. Without you I would have never experienced many amazing things in my life from being photographed in GAP stores to being on a FOX TV show. I appreciate you showing me a world I never thought possible for me and for guiding me to be who I am today!

Much love, Fuji

Brandon Fuji Dieter

As I started training with Eliana, I was able to get a better understanding of life and my inner and outer emotions. To not fear my emotions, but to welcome them and understand why they are here. She taught me many different styles of acting and was able to take me out of my shell, giving me the confidence to publicly speak and take over situations confidently. My growth was internal in her class, skills I took with me and sharpen till this day. She is a wonderful teacher and mentor, and I would do it all over again sooner if I had the chance.

Cid Sanchez

Cid Sanchez